Rock out to Tony's music. Some of these songs were recorded by the band Ice Nine; some were created solo by Tony; others are recorded by Tony.

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Song for Tony

Sam Petty composed and recorded this extraordinary song as a tribute to Tony in 2005. It features Tess Bryant, Adrian Langker, Tim Cashman, Bruce Petty, Alice Petty, Kate Grenville and Kristine Rowe, and some riffs and drum loops from Tony.

11.4 Mb MP3
Crusty Song Instrumental piece composed and recorded by Tony in 2002 3.2 Mb MP3
Horse Spoken word ad libbed thoughts by Tony 7.0 Mb MP3
One Time One time in a lifetime by Tony with Ice Nine, recorded in 1992 3.4 Mb MP3
One Time (acoustic) Acoustic version of "One Time in a Lifetime" by Tony 4.3Mb MP3
One Time
(live video)
Ice Nine at reunion gig, 2006, Sandringham Hotel in Newtown 30 sec
Scat with Tess Tony recorded this improvisation by Tess Bryant in 2002 3.3 Mb MP3
Letter Thought I'd sit down and write you a letter... by Tony from 1991 476k MP3
I'll see you when I do by Sally Marett Sally Marett's song for Tony, 2003, recorded by Sam Petty 4.9 Mb MP3

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