Kneeees! This section offers links to an assortment of pictures, scripts, spoken word pieces, and so on created by Tony.

Name Description
Happy Birfday! A birthday card sent to Tony by Bibi Langker
Cartoon Promotional cartoon for Ice Nine's support gig for the Plunderers
Knees! Tony and Sam have a very silly telephone conversation concerning knees (3MB MP3, 3'02")
Hoppu Biddgral! Sally sent this picture to Tony for his Biddgral one year
Painting Tony helps out painting Sally's house in Surry Hills in 2003
BOON Screenplay for an animation
CRUDD An interview with a rock star
Self-portrait Ooooo. Mmmngggh.
Tony on marriage What do you think about marriage? Tony is interviewed by Sam during the reception for Chris and Cathy's wedding. (1.5MB video)

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